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Hunt good music. Share said music. If you like a song, buy it from the artist.
  1. Published June 11th, 2013 under #voodoo farm #macklemore #ryan lewis (2 notes)


    VOODOO FARM - Can’t Hold Us (Remix)

    Liam’s back with a sick little remix of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ banger, just in time for the summer dance floors. This one’s a bit more glitchy than Voodoo Farm’s previous tracks, but as always it’s stitched together expertly. 

    // [free download]

  2. Published January 11th, 2013 under #Voodoo Farm #voodoofarm (0 notes)

    VOODOO FARM - I Don’t Know Why

    I’ve been following this guys career forEVER and every time he dropped something new it makes me want to write in all capitals. Then he follows up some of his tracks with weird but awesome videos and it all works, so damn well. Wanna dance? Get excited for his upcoming EP titled Hitsville U.S.A. from which this one of four tracks. Should be available in about week.

    // [free download]

  3. Published October 4th, 2012 under #Voodoo Farm (1 note)

    Wiz Khalifa ft. The Weeknd - Remember You (VOODOO FARM Remix)

    I so dig the way Liam Dirlam, aka VOODOO FARM, puts together his remixes. His beats are magic and the tracks he mashes up are always unique and well estimated. On top of the music he puts out amazing videos to accompany his releases and as a result, being a fan means you get all kinds of sensory exploration from him. A true artist.

    // [free download]

  4. Published March 7th, 2012 under #Voodoo Farm (2 notes)

    Whitney Houston - How Will I Know (VODDO FARM REMIX)

    Liam Dirlam is back with a tribute to our fallen Diva, including a video that confirms what I’ve always thought; this guy can take a party and make it dance. I look forward to the day our paths cross and I’m able to hear him spin. For now, enjoy  a ramped up banger for your weekend antics.

    // [free download]

  5. Published October 24th, 2011 under #icebird #voodoo farm (10 notes)

    VOODOOFARM - Charmed Life (Icebird Remix)

    One big reason I enjoy sharing music is the emails I get from people who are super talented right after they finish a song or project. Liam (aka Voodoo Farm) is one of those guys; his emails are always genuine and have been since the very first one I got. He also makes weird, awesome videos with almost every tune he puts out. This one’s a remix of the new RJD2 + Aaron Livingston project (Icebird) that debuted earlier this month. 


    // download

  6. Published April 11th, 2011 under #wiz khalifa #tupac #Voodoo Farm #hip hop #remix #mashup (3 notes)

    Voodoo Farm - Roll Up (Wiz Khalifa & Tupac Remix)

    Liam’s back with a gritty mashup of one of hip hop’s newest kings and (in my humble opinion) the genre’s Godfather. As is becoming his calling card, he’s put another video together, this time an intimate view into a couple’s ups and downs. Liam actually told me he cooked this up (track + video) two days and there’s really no question that this particular Wiz tune is better as a banger (sorry Wiz).


  7. Published March 25th, 2011 under #Voodoo Farm #mashup #remix #dj (0 notes)

    Voodoo Farm - Wheelz of Steel (feat. Outkast, Lady Gaga)

    There’s something about Liam Dirlam that I really dig. I posted a few of his tracks back in February and expressed the way his tune catch my ear and this one is no different. He even sent an email with the wrong track and wrong links and I happened to read his second email first and was listening to it while I read his apology, and his note which just makes me a bigger fan:

    "i don’t really mind people calling this a mash-up, but just so you know the only samples used in this song are the vocals. every note is played with our tiny little fingers and every sound texture was created by us… there are a ton of live instruments on this track including synths, percussion, vocals, and guitars."

    [rightclickdownload] and yet another killer video.

  8. Published February 9th, 2011 under #house #club #remix #remixes #adele #jay-z #doors #ani #ani difranco #voodoo farm #liam dirlam (0 notes)

    Voodoo Farm - People Are Strange (Doors Remix)

    I rarely post remixes, and usually when I do it’s a pretty poppy, accessible one. This is way more in the direction of house/club music than I usually get into, but somehow I found myself mesmerized by the video Liam Dirlam made on no budget with his (incredibly beautiful) friends. I poked around and found the two bonus tunes below, one of which samples Ani DiFranco, one of my very favorite artists. This guy is special.


    BONUS TRACK: Back Back Back (Ani DiFranco Remix)

    BONUS TRACK: Rolling In The Deep (Adele + Jay-Z Remix)