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A music discovery project.

Hunt good music. Share said music. If you like a song, buy it from the artist.
  1. Ideafreaks Are Musicgeeks is going email-only!

    Published February 17th, 2014 (0 notes)

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  2. Published February 14th, 2014 under #SoundCloud #dshanahan #Pop #Mixtape #Compilation #Hip Hop (1 note)

    Unicorns Have Ears Too #5 - January Mixtape

    Every month I drop some faves in one mixtape from the month prior.

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  3. Published January 31st, 2014 under #SoundCloud #A-Trak #hip-hop #cam'ron #dipset #exclusive (0 notes)

    @atrak / @Mr_Camron

    Cam’ron / A-Trak - Humphrey
    Produced by A-Trak / Party Supplies

    Federal Reserve is the new collaborative project from Cam’ron and A-Trak that’s blowing up all over internetland and desevredly so. It’s almost got a Wu Tang feel to it. They’re streaming their first track ‘Humphrey’ right now and claiming there’s a release of some kind coming later this year.

  4. Published January 11th, 2014 under #Vimeo #b-girl #terra #jungle #platoon #drops #chessclubdot6-yearold #breakdancer #breaking #breakdancing (21 notes)

    Jungle - Platoon

    This video’s going viral this week and deservedly so, as this might be the baddest six year old I’ve ever seen on a dance floor. 


  5. Published January 4th, 2014 under #SoundCloud #dshanahan #Mixtape #mixtape #dance #rock (2 notes)

    Happy New Year! This is a collection of the best tunes I came across while music hunting last month. Hope you enjoy:)

    If you’re into discovering new music, pop on over to Soundcloud and give me a follow. 

  6. Published December 12th, 2013 under #SoundCloud #Teemid #teemid #joie #Tango #gnarls (7 notes)

    Gnarls Barkley - Crazy (TEEMID / Joie Tan Cover)

    French producer TEEMID did magic with totally unknown young vocalist Joie Tan’s rendition of this classic. This song’s been sitting at the top of music blog charts all week and deservedly so, but if you looked at Joie’s twitter/instagram feeds you’d think she was just some regular young girl in Singapore. That’s definitely about to change.

  7. Published December 11th, 2013 under #SoundCloud #MADE IN HEIGHTS #ARTISANAL FANTASIE TRAP (1 note)


    MADE IN HEIGHTS - Murakami

    This awesome tune comes from a duo that’s made some incredible and relatively underground music this past year. What began as “hangs in New York in which we’d walk a lot” is now gaining some real steam, both musicians (I believe) having relocated out to LA. 

  8. Published December 7th, 2013 under #SoundCloud #dshanahan #Mixtapes #mixtape #mashup #comilation (1 note)

    Unicorns Have Ears Too #3 [mixtape]

    I’ve been making monthly mixtapes for three months now, collecting the best tunes I came across while out hunting.

    Enjoy, and please share with your friends!

  9. Published December 4th, 2013 under #SoundCloud #SAM SMITH #Pop #sam smith (1 note)


    Sam Smith - Money On My Mind

    Nile Rodgers collaborator Sam Smith has been dropping new music lately in preparation for his debut album in February. Talk about an English dude with a killer voice. He’s been on some amazing tracks this year, including Naughty Boy’s La La La, which I absolutely loooooved. 

  10. Published November 26th, 2013 under #SoundCloud #Ella Eyre #Pop #Deeper #Thisisella (1 note)


    Ella Eyre - Deeper

    Ella’s exploded onto the scene by scoring gorgeous cameo’s with the likes of Europe’s finest, including Rudimental, Naughty Boy and Bastille. This is her debut single, and for a 19 year old it’s a doozy. That voice is just the definition of scruffy-sexy-smooth.